Since Summer 2019
The Greater Sydney area has been completely on fire, then raining and now flooding. This has rendered many backyards, outdoor patios and alfresco areas as “Too wet to use”. Sydney-siders have been sheltering indoors for months because of the smoke from the fires and now that it has finally cleared up – those without Zipscreen blinds installed on their homes are still holed-up inside but now from the extreme sun & rain.  Below you can read about Sydney Zipscreen blind owners “unfazed” by recent extreme local weather. Sydney resident Ken Smith reported to a Covered agent recently,
“Yeah, Sydney’s weather has been crazy lately, but with my Zipscreen blind I can keep the weather out there. We even kept them down when the fires were raging. It helped block out most of the smoke. Now the dog can still enjoy the patio while we were at work.”
Give yourself more usable space
Since 2020, Sydney has undergone short periods of intense rainfall. Many homes have been bombarded with intense driven-rain – ruining outdoor furnishings, alfresco areas and appliances. It doesn’t have to be that way, says Sydney Local Anthony Matthews of Lane Cove.
“We have a television and bar fridge outside that used to get wet every time the weather went a bit wild. Since installing our Covered Zipscreen blinds, we are totally unfazed by the weather or direction the rain is coming from. We really wished we had done it years ago.”
Give yourself some extra space this season and contact your local ‘Covered’ professional for a free quote & consultation to keep the weather outside and use your outdoor area 24/7. Call 1800 COVERED (1800 268 373) or CLICK HERE to book a free quote and join the Homeowners with Zipscreen blinds in Sydney “unfazed” by recent extreme local weather
Even if you are away from home when a storm hits
You may find it unsurprising to discover that even with outdoor awnings and blinds, “theres an app for that…”. Covered have a large range of local WiFi and remote 3G/4G options available to operate your screens even when you are away from home. We suggest you check with your local Covered Professional to learn more about operating your screens, awnings and blinds while away from home. Check out the ranges available through Covered. We have all the main brands covered. Acmeda Smart Home Somfy Connexoon Alpha Neo App Simu LiveInĀ® App Sydney Zipscreen blind owners who are 'unphased' by recent extreme local weather. Zipscreen blinds with charcoal mesh on alfresco area anodised finish. No matter the weather, Covered Zipscreens will protect you from Insects, rain, sun and wind.