He will be showing you through the range of products available through the Covered Group. We are aiming to upload at least one video per month to ‘Doc-splain’ why the Covered products are the best.

Click the video below to watch or click here to Contact Covered See How to Holiday From Home

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Learn How to Holiday From Home With The Shade Doctor!

The Retractable Roof Systems from covered are modern, elegant and ergonomic. They stand out for their ability to react and retract to the environment, making them ideal for architectural structures and residential dwellings. Retractable Roof Systems can be installed with or without a built-in gutter which allows the rainwater to flow out through the aluminium posts that support the gutter beam. They can all be installed in various configurations such as on an existing structure or without posts at all – making it extremely versatile. Any retractable roof helps to control the weather conditions with the fabric stopping: Sun, Rain, Wind as well as Leaves and even minor hail and snow! The whole structure is made entirely of high grade 6061 aluminium whilst the INOX fittings and bolts add a further level of excellence.

The maximum covered surface with one-piece cloth is an impressive 13m x 6m, depending on the type of

installation chosen.

Add to your ability to control the weather with the addition of some zip screens or Gearbox Operated Straight Drop or Stainless Steel Cable Guided awnings.

Ask your sales representative for Fabric samples and colours available as

well as explore the range of optional extra’s that will assist in making your outdoor area a welcome retreat and enhance your families ability to holiday from home.

This is why we made this video to show you how to How to Holiday From Home With The Shade Doctor!

…and the Zipscreens!

The Doctor also touches on the topic of zipscreens. They are the pinnacle of retractable outdoor zip-operated additions. With the ability to add privacy, shelter, rain, wind and sun protection to your existing patio or your new Retractable Roof System, there is currently – no better choice.

Automate them with a remote-controlled wifi system and remote to start reducing your energy bills – GUARANTEED. They will cut out hot winds from heating your glass and therefore your home. They will also work during the cooler months and stop the cool air from entering your home.

As a bonus, you can even use zipscreen blinds as a security deterrent as they act as a barrier to low-level would-be intruders.

 If you want to (roughly) read along with the advert, see below.

Hi – The Shade Doctor from Covered Group, here… coming to you while I’m on holidays. Well, It’s not a regular holiday. With all travel being suspended, I’m actually holidaying at home.

Check it out! I got the guys from the Covered Group to seal in my patio with a retractable roof system and some zipscreen blinds and now …I feel like I’m on holidays –  at home!

No need to pack bags, use questionable public toilets, deal with jet lag, flights, terrible hotel WiFi and most importantly, No pesky insects or terrible weather. All thanks to my new zipscreen blinds from Covered – Now me and the family can enjoy “all of this” from home. All for less than the price of an overseas family vacation!

Zipscreens from Covered are great at keeping out the mozzies, heat, rain and even a good bit of wind – all from the press of a button. So me and the family can all holiday – literally on our back door.

Get in touch with the Covered Group today and see how they can set you and your home up so you “to holiday from home”.

With our current, “keep the doors open” sale – there probably never going to be a good-of-a time as this.

So start holiday-ing today on 1800 COVERED or 1800 268 373 or catch us online [www.coveredaustralia.com.au]