Alfresco entertainment areas or outdoor rooms have become an integral part of any Australian homes. And why not? These spaces allow homeowners to liven-up the functionality as well as the aesthetics of their house. With the installation of awnings, one can turn their open outdoor settings into a covered recreational area. From shaping up a cosy lounging set up to making a play area for kids, you can do a lot by getting this purposeful home extension installed.

Tips to Find the Right Awning

Choosing the right awnings that will go best with your home can be quite confusing and demanding. However, if you keep an eye on certain points while investing in an awning, it will certainly make your experience hassle-free. Here’s what you should consider –

Find your style

Awnings come in multiple styles for different types of outdoor spaces. When selecting an awning for your verandah or backyard, consider its type and align it with the style you want. This will allow you to narrow down awnings that will be a perfect fit for your needs.

Co-ordinate your look

When revamping your outdoor space with an awning, its important to remember that it will be a prime focal point of your outdoor lifestyle. Spare some thought for the colour palette surrounding it (trees, flowers, timber panels, roof colour, wall colour or even colour accents nearby). Select a fabric that will compliment and give a little extra emphasis toward the desired look. The Covered Group has the widest fabrics awning colour range available in Sydney, so you can be sure that the colour or pattern you need is available to suit your project.

Light vs Dark Fabric:
  • For a light, bright but well shaded poolside area, you could use a light grey or white fabric to allow light to filter through and allow a medium to high light-level to filter through and illuminate the area under your fabric awning. In some cases you may still want to wear mid-grade sunglasses.
  • For a well-shaded courtyard hideaway, try moving towards the mid-to-dark end of the spectrum and stop more glare and UV at the same time. Depending on the fabric and colour – you can block 90-100% of harmful UV radiation and lower the light levels & remove the need for sunglasses.

Always plan to shade and protect your outdoor space – taking all weather conditions & seasons into consideration. Remember that the shade will move as the days, months and seasons shift. See our other article here: Tips to prepare to shade your home. The Versatility of the  Alfresco straight drop awnings allows for a larger range of fabrics to be used, such as Mesh when the sun and wind is an issue but you still want to retain your view, PVC allowing heat to be kept in during Winter and the rain out, Acrylic allows light to be filtered through but gives full privacy, and even Canvas can be used when you want more blockout and create a wall where there isn’t a wall. You could co-ordinate this with a Covered Pivot Arm awning or Automatic Awning over your windows to complete the look and increase your curbside appeal.  

Consider the Size

Besides other factors, the size of the outdoor space, pergola, or verandah plays a crucial role in determining a suitable awning installation. There are plenty of awning solutions for narrow courtyards, balconies, and terraces. For instance, stretch awnings are suitable for long thin spaces while pergola awnings is apt for a wide-open area. Check what are your needs and consult with awning providers to make an informed choice.

Consider the Price

The cost of the awnings can significantly influence your investment decision. For a customized awning, one might not mind paying a high price. However, those wanting to get multiple awnings installed at once, they should look for a pocket-friendly solution. The market is filled with different types of awnings; all come in various designs and prices. We at COVERED offer an impressive range of competitively-priced Australian-made awnings and other shade-solutions. You can explore the selection here and find suitable products to reimagine your outdoor spaces.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions your region experience is one of the most crucial factors when selecting awnings. For instance, if you own beach property, it is advisable to ensure your awnings can withstand tidal winds. On the other hand, if you have an urban house, consider securing your outdoor space with fabric that prevents sun-trap. Given how functional and easy-to-install awnings and blinds are, many Australian homeowners are keen to get shade-solutions and improve the utility of their outdoor settings. At COVERED, we offer best-in-class shade-solutions that epitomises the best blend of elegance and functionality. Our products include Alfresco straight drop, folding arm awnings, and retractable roofing systems that are durable and can be customised to meet your design preferences. To get further information, get expert advice.