In 2009 the CSIRO investigated energy gains and loss in Australian homes across. They discovered that windows account for up to 35% of heat gain in the home and gave their advice on how to correctly shade north facing windows.

Time and again we hear this from our customers;

“We knew the awning would help cool down our home and save on our energy bills … we just didn’t expect it would be this good!” – Julie, 43 Cromer, NSW.

How to save on your power bills:

During summer all windows receive net heat gains, but especially those facing east & west. The simple rule is, install external awnings to all windows, especially west, east & north facing windows. As a result you will reduce heat build up in your home during summer time. This will save you thousands from your energy bills during the lifetime of a well specified awning.

CSIRO’s Findings:

To specify the right awning size, the CSIRO recommend that you make the projection of the awning about half the height of the window or opening to be covered. As a result, the sun shouldn’t enter a north-facing window during summer. East & west facing windows need to be completely covered to act as a barrier against the harsh morning and afternoon sun. In addition to this, you can oversize the awnings to protect the external west and east facing walls to increase your protection from heat gain through the walls. As a result of this, you may be able to cut down not just the ≤35% of heat that enters through a non-sheltered window but also the ≤25% of heat that enters through walls. As a combined effort, you will notice both a heat reduction in your home and a reduction in your summer power bills.

Covered Group Suggestion:

In addition to installing the most suitable awning for your situation, covered recommend adding a motor to your awnings. Adding a motor guarantees an increase of usage, functionality and performance against your power bills. With the addition of an optional wind sensor, you add peace-of-mind. Adding a wind sensor will retract the awning when the wind becomes too strong and will automatically retract your awning. Therefore your awning will look better while it lasts longer and save you from premature repair bills.

Last thoughts:

Add a WiFi controller at the time of purchase or add one later. WiFi controllers like the Somfy Connexoon allows you to add timers to control your awnings at particular times of the day. This will ensure your awing is saving you money when it is needed and is packed away when its not.

To conclude, Covered recommend a pivot arm awning for small to medium sized windows and to use a folding arm awning over large windows or doors. Contact us to explore and experience our range today!