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Alfresco Straight Drop Awning

Key Points
  • The ‘Swiss-army-knife’ of Alfresco Awnings
  • Stop Heat, Glare and UV from entering your Alfresco area or Home
  • Spans up to 4.75m wide (or up to 6m without complete warranty)
  • Motorised, Crank operated or Solar powered operation
  • 5 Standard powder coat colours or choose your own colour (surcharge applies)
  • Winter warmer – add an outdoor heater to enclose and warm up your outdoor area.
  • Quick & simple installation with many fixing choices to suit any space and budget.
  • 5-year ‘Covered’ warranty on fabric, motor, coatings and installation.^
^See T&C’s for more information on product warranty

Product Description

Popularity Plus

The Alfresco Straight Drop by Covered Group is the perfect blend simple functionality and style. Dubbed as the ‘swiss-army knife’ of the awning world, the Alfresco Straight Drop can be installed almost anywhere. The Alfresco Straight Drop does a similar job as the higher-priced Zipscreen blinds but is more budget-friendly. Cover a greater area for less, with an Alfresco Straight Drop awning. See and feel the difference in your home or business instatly and enjoy energy savings to boot! Depending on the materials selected, you can expect up to 99% UV block or 0.00% if choose a premium Non-Shrink PVC material.

The alfresco straight drop allows a much wider range of uses and installation types than many other awnings. Refer to our gallery for use-case photographs & ideas, previously installed. Clip or strap the bottom rail onto almost anything; posts, floors, walls, beams or even concrete pads below pavers or under your grass will hold your bottom rail in place and keep it secure. See the range of bottom fixings available here (coming soon).

A popular awning choice for Australian patios, the Alfresco Straight Drop by Covered Group. Unlike the Alfresco Cable Guide, the alfresco straight drop comes without cable guide cables on the sides. Windy conditions may result in the bottom-rail being blown about while raising & lowering your awning so caution is advised. It is for this reason that the Alfresco Cable Guide is a popular upgrade from the Alfresco Straight Drop. The cables on the Alfresco Cable Guide keeps the bottom rail safely in-check while being raised or lowered but restricts fixing options.


The Alfresco Straight Drop can be as narrow as 0.2 metres (200mm) wide and 0.7 metres (700mm – if motorised). Span up to 6 metres wide if required in one span (refer to your warranty for further size-related details). High-grade steel is used to eliminate top tube sagging for awnings up to 4 metres width – guaranteed.

Our locally designed and Australian-manufactured bottom rail is available in seven standard colours. The bottom rail will blend into its surrounds while allowing a raft of secure attachment options.

Add a matching fabric valance (fabric flap) to stop additional wind or rain from sneaking underneath your awning – for NO extra cost! (No discounts for omitting this option)

Stop dirt, dust and other mess from ruining your fabric by adding our simple-yet-effective headbox. A headbox extends the life and the look of the awning without breaking the budget. Choose from a range of standard colours or choose from any of the Dulux® Powder coat colours to suit your decor (surcharge applies).

Operation: Operation

Covered Group have taken the strain out of raising and lowering the systems with our range of German-made gearboxes. The removable crank handle makes them child-safe with no: cords, chains, wires or cables. To operate, you will need to turn the crank handle 8 times for every 1 rotation of the top tube. For this reason, many customers opt for the motorised option to spend their time enjoying their awnings, not operating them.

With the touch of a button, motorised awnings save you from manual operation. Motorisation is ideal for the elderly or those with a disability. Our motor ranges even offer voice control via your Google Assistant® or Alexa® to control your awnings (optional extras required). We offer a range of motors to cater for all budgets – so get in touch with your local Covered agent today to learn more about the Alfresco Straight Drop by Covered Group.

What to expect

Covered customers enjoy reduced sun penetration, increased total privacy and reduced effects of the wind. Add this to temperature controlling your alfresco space with a heater or misting system and you can enjoy the outdoors year-round.

You won’t succeed in completely sealing in your alfresco with an Alfresco Straight Drop, but you can expect at least 99% shadow coverage from the sun. This is, of course, depending on your individual needs and available fixing points. Complete the form below or call 1800 COVERED or 1800 268 373 to get your Local Covered Agent to help properly specify and install your new awnings.

If you want a better sealed alfresco or outdoor area, seek out the Zipscreen Side Retention Blind.

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