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Key Points:
  • The flattest system commercially available Retractable Roof System.
  • Integrated Gutter and Posts for inconspicuous water management.
  • Wind rating of up to 114km/h.
  • Additional Facade panels can be optioned to enhance the look
  • Remove the need to purchase additional triangular infills thanks to level installation.
  • Presents well a minimalistic aesthetic built on a rock-solid substrate.
  • Optional Built-in LED Lights or perimeter beam lighting system.

Product Description

A New Level

The Revolutionary design of the arched fabric beams allows this system to be fitted completely level. This creates the illusion of being installed 100% flat while the fabric support bars are in-fact slightly curved. This allows the Compact system to be installed in situations where no other retractable roof could be installed. This is in complete contrast to every other roof system, as they all require an absolute minimum fall of 4 degrees.

The Compact is the newest premium model of the Alpha Pergosystem Retractable Roof Range. Its compact dimensions combined with its beautiful design and modern aesthetics stand out from any other system available today.  The system includes an integrated gutter on all four sides of the structure allowing the water to drain off through the columns/posts. As a result of this, the compact displays clean architectural lines and does not require unsightly plumbing to be attached.  What distinguishes this system from other roof systems is that is a self-supporting structure which can be installed anywhere, making it ideal for gardens, clubs, pubs and ideal for creating private booths or outdoor seating for Restaurants.

Optional Extras

Due to the system being flat, it is easy to enclose all four sides using Covered Zipscreens without the need of triangular infills or perimeter beams. Additionally Covered can provide and install louvred screens or sliding glass panels, making this roof “the one to have” for those area’s critical for outdoor weather protection whilst entertaining.

Water-proof membrane

The Fabric membrane of the roof system is of prime importance, as it provides both control over the wind, rain & most importantly the sun. Therefore, Covered only allow the best fabrics to be selected so we can guarantee the longevity, look and performance against all of these elements. Being 100% water-proof and made with invisible welds, the fabric membrane will carry any amount of water towards the guttering without fail.

Get Lit Up

The Compact Retractable Rood system allows the addition of integrated LED lighting systems that can be built into the fabric support bars (Standard type) or installed into the perimeter beams (only available on Compact). Remotely control your lighting system, shift with the seasons and make your space dark and cozy feel or dial it up to maximum – all via your handheld remote, WiFi or using voice commands via your Google Home® or Amazon Alexa® devices.

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