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Heavy Duty Robusta

Key Points:

  • Strong design provides high wind tolerance.
  • Easily & effectively control both heat & light.
  • Can be Motorised using remote control, timer or voice.
  • Optional valance trims and finishes
  • Optional Extruded aluminium or roll-formed Colourbond® hooding.
  • Wind sensor or 3D Motion sensor available.
  • High-tension spring-loaded arms keep the fabric permanently taught.
  • Optional slide-rails to increase usability and functionality.
  • Choose from hundreds of fabric colours and from any fabric type.
  • Casement Option available to avoid damage when installed over french or hinged doors.

Product Description


Strong, reliable, beautiful and flexible. The heavy duty Robusta awning offers an unrivalled level of options to provide shade and shelter at a great price. The Robusta pivot arm awning is an incredibly sturdy awning, suitable for large windows, windy areas and second stories. Operated externally with a crank handle or to save time and increase useability, simply add remote control operation via motorisation.

With the addition of specially designed spring-loaded arms and side rails, you can convert the robusta into a variant awning which is ideal for mounting above french doors. This provides a similar shading solution to that of a Folding Arm Awning but at a lower price point.

Using Basic Physics

The strength of the Robusta Pivot arm awning is derived from a simple engineering principle, ‘triangles are the strongest shape’. As a result, when a Robusta awning is half-way down, it becomes both incredibly strong and provides excellent sun control and cooling. The Covered Group have unified the highest quality parts to form the Robusta pivot-arm awning. The result has proven to be one of the most reliable and heavy-duty systems available to deal with the harsh Australian climate.

Versatility Plus

The Robusta awning offers the broadest range of options that allow it to suit any requirements. Beyond the ability to select from any Dulux® Colourbond Colour for the metal and aluminium components, you can also find many fabric colours designed to match the Dulux® range. This results in an awning that almost disappears when not in use and blends in with its surroundings when in use.

See the following list of options to learn more.
  • Casement Option makes the Robusts the best traditional awning to avoid hinging or french doors
  • Slide Rails
  • Extruded or Roll Form Hooding
  • Motorisation by world-leading brands
  • Crank Handle Operation
  • Wireless Solar Powered Option also available.
Seeing is believing…

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