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Idea-FL – Key Points:

Eye-catching Arc-shape profile.

Optional Combinations of; Integrated Gutter with Posts or Cantilevered Rafters

Wind rating of up to 114km/h

Works well in architectural spaces.

Available in all configurations.

Product Description

Covered Idea-FL

The IDEA-FL is a real head-turner with its attractive arc-shape bringing a unique & desirable difference to architectural spaces. It can be installed with a built-in structural gutter (Idea FL Uniq) to collect the rainwater whilst draining through the columns/posts that support the system. As with all covered retractable systems, the Idea-FL can also be installed in many different ways: onto an existing structure (Idea FL _Q), hanging on cantilevered rods (Idea FL_Air) making it extremely versatile. The quality of the finish is obvious, the whole structure frame is entirely made of high-quality extruded aluminum and stainless-steel fixings components for maximum strength and longevity. The fully waterproof membrane follows suit, being of the highest quality from the worlds leading PVC suppliers and all fabric membranes come with a 5-year warranty.

Design your space to perform to needs with an integrated LED lighting system or create a wind and insect resistant barrier. With the addition of integrated LED lighting systems, you can remotely control your lighting system.

Celebrated throughout Europe for over two decades, the Idea FL system commands attention while providing a beautiful and dynamic space. Like all systems within the range, the Idea FL also allows the addition of many additional ancillary systems for an increased comfort level, like heaters, speaker systems, bug-zappers and more.

With 5 years of manufacturer-backed-warranty across Australia, you can remain assured that your retractable roof system is engineered and made to hold up against the harsh Australian environment.

Options and extras*:
  • Proprietary integrated guttering system
  • True Remote operation overĀ  Wifi / 3G / 4G – using Somfy’s Connexoon
  • Fully Integrated LED Lights
  • Perimeter Awnings
  • Side in-fills
  • *Misting systems
  • *Gas or electrically powered heating systems
  • *Electric Fans

*Not provided by Covered. Some additional extras are examples of what can be attached to retractable roof systems and are included as optional extras as requested.

Specification Tips & Advice:
  • Every location is different and to maximise the benefits you can gain from your project, please feel free to call us on 1800 COVERED to speak with your local shading expert.
  • 100% Block Out Fabric: Gain a better cooling co-efficient than translucent fabrics with none (0.00%) of the sun’s UV radiation penetrating the area below. Block out will also reduce glare and keep the underside of the membrane looking cleaner for longer than translucent PVC or alternative fabric choices.
  • Translucent Fabric: In some cases, translucent fabric is desired to reduce heat and stop rain while still allowing a selectable level of heat and light. This can improve the finish of the project when a 100% block out fabric would have made the adjoining area too dark. Keep in mind that a translucent fabric will sometimes highlight scratches, imperfections and always shows leaf-litter,
  • Check out our upcoming ‘fabric information’ page to gain a better understanding of the range of fabric and colour choices available.
Usage and Maintenance:

Your Idea FL Retractable roof system is largely maintenance-free; a regular washing-down is the only task to be carried out to maintain the industrial-grade powder-coated finish and keep your retractable looking and operating smoothly for decades. Most fabrics are self-cleaning and will keep themselves looking clean and bright for many months at a time but still appreciates a good wipe down.

Check out our upcoming ‘retractable roof system FAQ’ page to learn more about maintaining and troubleshooting your retractable roof system.

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