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Shopfront Awnings

Key Points:
  • Unchanged design for 100 years.
  • Incredibly effective at providing shade and cooling to businesses and homes.
  • Custom hand-painted or digitally printed signwriting available.
  • Choose from thousands of fabric choices.
  • Affordable, reliable and easy to use.
  • Many installation types are available to suit any location.

Product Description

A Touch of History

For the last 100 years, you would find it impossible to visit your local shops without coming across a shopfront awning. Created in around 1920 the Shopfront Awning is essentially a verandah blind with the addition of “J hooks”. They provide increased strength and reduce the effects of wind. As a result of this, the ‘J-hooks’ ensure trouble-free use when raising and lowering your Shopfront Awning. Because of this, a shopfront (J-hook) awning is a great option for store owners to protect produce, reduce heat and glare.

A simple system of pulleys and rope is all that is needed to operate Shopfront awnings. As such, they cannot be controlled via any ‘modern methods’ like motor, gearbox crank or remote. This allows shopfront awnings to continue their timeless appeal that began at the start of the 2oth century.

Still Cool

Shopfront awnings or J-hook awnings are a great option for store owners to protect produce, reduce heat and glare. Since about 2018 the shopfront awning and other traditional awning types have been gaining popularity thanks to social networks like Pinterest and Instagram. The look and feel of shopfront awnings emit nostalgia and provide a healthy serve of ‘yesteryear’ to any shopfront, back patio, verandah or alfresco area.

The verandah straight drop is not just good-looking, it is an incredibly functional awning type. The divide created between the sun, the fabric and the building/window is the key to their success over the decades. Shopfront awnings work incredibly well at providing a fantastic level of cooling, this is thanks to the large pocket of air that sits behind it. This body of air acts as insulation and allows the air to naturally recirculate while protecting store produce and reducing glare. Cooler air constantly circulates and replaces the heated air behind the fabric. As a result, shopfront awnings are still the awning of choice for butchers, delicatessens, cafe’s, restaurants and many other shops that demand control over the sun and its effects on its product or service.

Control the finishing touches.

With a few options for the overall look, Covered offer the following:

  • Choose from literally hundreds of fabric types and thousands of colours from our awning fabric library.
  • Easily add digital screen printing or traditional hand-painted signage.
  • Straight or Scalloped valance with your choice of matching or contrasting coloured binding.
  • Straight-hemmed fabric for the cleanest look possible.
  • No valance.
  • A timber header. In-keeping with the original design, the timber header provides the easiest and most versatile method of installation and provides a clean look.
  • Add a longer cord to allow ease of use for high-fit installations.

Get in touch with us today and enjoy the quality and simplicity of this awning on your home or business.

Fabric Choices.

With literally hundreds of fabric types, colours and variants; you can be assured that your design requirements can be met. See the link to fabric suppliers for available fabrics and styles.


Other Options Available.

If the shopfront isn’t quite what you are looking for, check out our Traditional Awnings or get in touch with us today to speak with an expert!

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