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Spring Loaded Straight Drop

Product Description

The Multistop channel awning serves ad the bridge between a basic spring roller blind and a high end zipscreen.
Designed to fit between verandah posts, this system was originally designed to superside the original first ever awning the Verandah Straight Drop and has done so with great success.
The simple spring operated top roller tube keeps the material under constant tension and the side channels contain the material and bottom rail meaning its usability is easy.
A twist of the bottom rail is all that is needed to unlock this awning and reach your desired positions anywhere along the sidetracks. Another twist locks it safely back into place whilst the spring loaded top roll keeps the material taught the whole time.
This awning has been used to great success in ground floor windows also where space is an issue such as narrow walkways or simply where neatness is required.
As a side track system, the material is free to blow out of its channel in strong winds but with a simple touch will return to its normal position. Strong wind locations are not ideal for thus system.
Normally fitted with mounting brackets inside the 50 x 40mm channels the system has the option to have a colourbond over-roll head-box.
when not in use, your awning can be rolled away and left under the protection of the colourbond head-box keeping the material safe from the sun and rain.

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