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Covered Zipscreen Extreme

Key Points
  • Span up to 7m wide & up to 5m drop
  • Create an almost completely sealed space and stop insects from intruding.
  • Block Heat, Glare and UV from entering your Alfresco area or Home
  • Motorised operation only – Additional control and sensor options available.
  • 5 Standard powder coat colours and 200+ custom aluminium colours.
  • Winter warmer – Create an outdoor space you can enclose and warm up.
  • Many fabric and powder coat colour choices to suit any space.
  • 5-year ‘Covered’ warranty on fabric, motor, coatings and installation.^
^See T&C’s for more information on product warranty

Product Description

Bigger, Bolder, Stronger – Just as attractive.

The Zipscreen Extreme Blind is the heavier duty big-brother to the famous ‘Covered Zipscreen‘. Every part of the Zipscreen Extreme system is a super-sized version of the original except for the tracks. The Zipscreen Extreme awning uses the same patented side-zip technology as the covered zipscreen blind. Simply add an optional headbox and you will keep more insects out and extend the life of your fabric. The headbox protects against pollutants, birds and other fauna when not in use. With an ability to span an incredible 7 metres in width and able to go 5 metres in drop; this colossus will allow you to enclose, protect and add comfort to even the largest of outdoor spaces. It’s the biggest possible outdoor blind.

Spend time with ONLY your loved ones.

Most new builds in Australia include covered alfresco areas. As a nation, we LOVE outdoor dining but often forget to protect this area. Intruding flies, mosquitos and other insects are often overlooked – until they join in at every party, barbeque or outdoor event. Citronella candles, mosquito coils and spray deterrents only work so well. Draw a line of defence against these pesky intruders and focus your attention on your invited guests and loved ones. It’s never been easier to keep the weather and insects out while keeping the party going.

The Zipscreen extreme blind is the ideal solution for sealing out (almost) whatever nature has to throw at you. Add a Zipscreen extreme to provide shade, shelter and protection, effortlessly.

Reliability: Guaranteed

Australia now has the piece of the puzzle that had been missing since Alfresco Awnings were invented. The constant question, “Can we have it bigger?” can now be answered with, “Yes, absolutely!”. The Covered Group has manufactured thousands upon thousands of “Zip-style” (side-retention) systems spanning the last couple of decades.

Thanks to clever engineering, the Zipscreen Extreme thrives in wide open-areas requiring simple clean aesthetics. Side-retention systems have risen to become the crowd favourite for homeowners, renovators, architects and the hospitality industry. The ease, flexibility and the many installation types available – make the Zipscreen Extreme the most reliable and quality-driven product filling these voids. You can expect to enjoy your Zipscreen for decades of unwavering operation with minimal service and cleaning required. The result of this? Reliability, guaranteed.

Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter!

Make a huge difference to any alfresco area by simply adding a Zipscreen Extreme awning. During the cooler months, screens can provide a warm and comfortable living space. It’s simple really. When you enclose (or trap) the air inside of an alfresco there is a vastly reduced amount of ‘air-transfer’. This trapped air can be heated (or even cooled) to create a comfortable and relaxing space, year-round. Leaving screens down during the cooler months will provide a buffer between your home and the elements. As a result, you can enjoy reduced energy use and reduced carbon emissions. It’s the largest possible outdoor blind – so no matter what time of the year or size of the opening – the Zipscreen Extreme has you covered.

Note: Like its smaller sibling, the Zipscreen Extreme is capable of holding back mild to moderate winds. Screens are not designed to act as a wind-breaker or surrogate for a permanent wall. If you need something that can withstand incredible winds, please get in touch with a covered rep and we will be able to assist further.

Extend your home without anyone noticing.

Make a room or create shade that blends perfectly with you and your style. Check out the options listed below.

  • Matches the look and feel of the smaller Covered Zipscreen
  • The frame and headbox is available in 5 standard powder coat colours
  •  200+ custom powder coat colours available
  • 4 main types of fabrics available in MANY different styles, blends, patterns and looks. (Woven Mesh, Dipped Mesh, Solution Dyed Acrylic Fabric & Clear PVC)
  • Due to its size, the Zipscreen Extreme can only be motorised.
  • Motor control options include WiFi, 3G/4G, sun, wind, rain & 3D-motion sensors as well as smart home systems like Alexa® and Google Home Assistant®
  • Headboxes are optional. Save money while enjoying the same look and feel. (However, without a headbox you may experience a few extra uninvited winged-guests 🦟 🦟)
Save Money, Reduce Emissions and feel good at the same time!

In today’s financially and economically focussed world, every home and business owner is aware of rising costs. Electrical use is a major financial consideration that brings with it, carbon emissions. With the Zipscreen Extreme, you will greatly reduce heat-gains, energy bills and emissions year-round! Designed with alfresco dining areas in mind; pergolas, verandahs, and balconies will receive year-round privacy and protection from the sun, rain and insects. Simply the heaviest-duty zipscreen available and the most durable alternative to traditional facade awnings, louvres & roller shutters, the Zipscreen Extreme awning is ideal for large home or office windows.

With widths of up to 7 metres or drops up to 5 metres, you can add an external solution to fit almost any area. Zipscreen Extreme Awning, simply the largest possible outdoor zip blind available for creating any large-scale outdoor entertainment area at the press of a button.

It doesn’t need to be that big…

Size not an issue? Are costs getting you down? Check out the smaller Covered Zipscreen or pick from our huge range of Alfresco Awnings or Traditional Facade Awnings. With this, we guarantee they perform fantastically on a smaller budget while still looking great!

*The amount of UV light that can penetrate your zipscreen system is strongly dependent on the fabric type and fabric colour. See our fabric page for more information.

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