In the beginning…

If you are looking to better understand retractable roof systems or are simply looking for retractable roof system technical information, this page hopes to provide you with a brief outline and understanding of their features and benefits.

Ever since humans have built homes, we have been adding features and benefits to them. Whether planting a tree or adding some fabric over a window for shade, we have had a need to improve our comfort and enjoyment levels throughout our homes. This evolution has led from ancient bazaars [as illustrated below], to roll up blinds with timber and forged components. The advent of roll-form steel and extruded aluminium have refined the end-product with greater manufacturing accuracies, increased product longevity, performance while optional features like motorisation have steadily been improving over the last 50 years. For the last 20 years, the retractable roof has been quietly evolving as the strongest and most versatile weather protection and home addition available. Enter Pergosystem® by Alpha. Founded in 1952, Greece – Alpha has focussed on the ever-evolving retractable roof concept since 2004. Thanks to decades of constant internal and industry improvements to: system design, fabric, aluminium, motorisation and manufacturing technology – The Covered Group have selected this long-standing and well-proven retractable roof system which is the sum of these improvements. In 2019 Covered Group started importing and distributing these sleek, stylish and long-standing systems across Australia. In 2020, the Covered Group will commence locally manufacturing complete Pergosystem® roof systems – a task that is all too familiar to the company. Due to this change, we will provide a much shorter lead-time, increased options and the ability to closely manage & customise your project. Want to see more of our completed projects and technical information? – CLICK HERE for more.

Retractable roof system next to pool with hammock and alfresco area

Modern outdoor shading is the culmination of almost a millennia of shade focussed improvements aimed to improve on “the outdoor living” and “Alfresco Entertaining” experiences.

biblical marketplace with awnings

Artists impression of an ancient bazaar with rudimentary sun shades.

Space Creation:

Experience the outdoors without the discomfort of heat, rain, or wind while adding value to your home. The versatile retractable roof systems offer a wide array of options that suit any space. Whether you are wanting to add an alfresco dining space, create a free-standing hide-away in your backyard or add an all-weather solution to an existing space, the Alpha Pergosystem® by Covered Group is the answer. Additionally, you can keep uninvited bugs and insects away with additional perimeter options; some popular choices include;  Triangular infills, slide-stacking glass panels or the ever-popular zipscreen® external blind system to keep the pests at bay. As a result of this, you increase usability and protection of your alfresco area – even during periods of wind-driven-rain and high winds. For more Retractable Roof System Information, please click here.

Freestanding Alpha Compact Space Retractable Roof system

Freestanding Alpha Compact Space Retractable Roof system

Alpha Grande retractable roof system with a view to die for

Alpha Grande retractable roof system with a view to die for


  • After arriving home after a long day, you can press a button (or tell your google assistant) to extend your roof system and relax under it with a good book in your favourite spot.
  • During winter, you can retract the roof and quench your desire for sunlight and warmth in your home.
  • It is raining but you still have washing to dry? Feel free to hang out your washing under-cover and save on clothes dryer bills.
  • Create a flexible atmosphere for your friends, family or patrons that can automatically adapt to the weather or works with the movement of the sun. (Using optional extras available – ask us how)
  • Block out light completely or just protect yourself from glare while still allowing controlled light into your space. (Ask us about our huge range of fabric membrane choices.)
  • Enjoy your new outdoor living space, no matter the weather.

Extended retractable roof system providing shade support posts Alpha Classic Q covered group

Extended retractable roof system providing shade support posts Alpha Classic Q By Covered Group

Alpha Grande Q fully extended retractable Roof system

Alpha Grande Q fully extended retractable Roof system

A Quick Overview:

  • European Designed to cope with all weather conditions, including snow!
  • Creates a new versatile space at the push of a button (or even voice command).
  • Add value and a new room to your home with a screen awning perimeter or sliding glass panels.
  • Reduce your energy bills.
  • Divert & collect water with integrated guttering and post/downpipes as part of the system.
  • Protect your deck, pergola and outdoor furniture from the elements.
  • Reduce noise (with Balloo option)
  • Low maintenance.
  • Minimalistic appearance when retracted (& collects leaf litter when retracting, unlike louvre roof systems that dump litter when opened.)
  • With a maximum of 13 metres wide with 10 metres projection in a single system, any area can be covered with multiple side-by-side systems.

With the Alpha Retractable Pergosystem® range by The Covered Group, you can create a space that will easily stand the test of time and keep you covered. Reach out today for a price estimate.