For most Australians, outdoor living space is vital. It adds to the property’s curb appeal and offers an ideal space to hang out or enjoy recreational activities. Homeowners spend considerable time to find solutions that can make functional and aesthetically-appealing outdoor spaces. However, covering an outdoor area while enhancing its aesthetic value is an art, and many struggle to strike the right balance. If you aren’t an expert but want to invest in alfresco awnings, we would suggest you to go with the safest bet – covered zipscreen awnings. These are ideal to offer privacy and protection from harsh Aussie weather and insects. Moreover, zipscreen awnings come handy in securing both residential and commercial open areas, so you can get them installed at any space you want. If you are still not convinced, here are the top 5 reasons to get covered zipscreens installed –

1. You Can Get Custom-made Zipscreen

Zipscreen outdoor blinds upgrade your alfresco experience! Covered zipscreen awning is usually custom-made as per the size of the open area, fabric type and you can even have multiple colours for your headbox and side channels. This allows a homeowner to pick out a perfectly matched zipscreen for their home. One can choose from a wide selection of color, design, and awning material. Having a custom-created outdoor awning also means that there are no gaps in between the edges as it fits perfectly.

Zipscreens in Sydney became popular due to their ability to instantly create a retractable outdoor ‘room’. Cool down, protect or seal & warm up your outdoor area with a Zipscreen awning & enjoy year round versatility for years to come.

2. They are Retractable

Unlike other awnings that are available in the market, zipscreen awnings are more versatile and flexible to use. One of the features that distinguish zipscreen from other awning solutions is that it stays true to its shape. Even if you roll the zipscreen awnings a thousand times, it will not fold or wrinkle. When not needed, the awnings can be retracted and stored without the worry of it getting spoiled. This also makes zipscreen a perfect long-term solution. Additionally, zipscreens can be unfolded partially to allow natural light and air to pass through.

3. It’s Easy to Install

No matter how big or small your alfresco entertainment area is, covered zipscreen can be installed with ease. Most Sydney homeowners prefer getting their outdoor space covered with zipscreen awnings by Covred Group as it is easier to mount and retract. One can choose from a wide variety of transparency styles as per the privacy needs and requirements. The installation process is either manual or motorized. Home improvement companies like COVERED in Sydney offer complete home assessment and zipscreen installation services. Call 1800 COVERED today to book a shade consultation with your local professional.

4. Fit to Use Anywhere

Able to span up to 7m wide and 4m drop, One of the best features of covered zipscreen is they well engineered to fitandwork well in any space. While some types of awnings are suitable only for patios or private spaces, zipscreen is fit to cover any open space. Given how versatile they are and flexible to use, they can be put to use in several places like balconies, verandahs, restaurants, commercial spaces, apartments, and other such spaces. For hard to reach places, you can add a motor to control yout zipscreen via remote or by just using your voice.

5. Optimum Protection and Savings

Although having an outdoor space is wonderful, there are times you wished you could just block the wind, rain, or harsh sun while still enjoying the outdoor lounging experience. Zipscreen offers a perfect solution for revamping the outdoor spaces and covering the open area when needed. These awnings are made with strong and durable material that makes them long-lasting and a great home improvement investment. Moreover, if you wish to have full privacy or save on electricity during the summers, you can choose to get your awnings completely opaque. Custom opaque zipscreen awnings are apt at blocking the summer heat or light and preventing the temperature of the area to rise. We hope you now know why covered zipscreen is more popular amongst homeowners. If you too want to get an external awning installed at your home or office, get in touch with our experts. We would love to guide you and help you with the installation of high-quality, Australian-manufactured awnings. You can connect with the COVERED team here.