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Key Points:
  • The largest projection available in a Retractable Roof System. Max of 10 Metres.
  • Can be optioned with Integrated Gutter and Posts.
  • Wind rating of up to 114km/h.
  • Rafters can be ‘clad’ with timber or steel for a softer or unique look.
  • Maximise your coverage with the ‘Grande’ design.
  • Can be used with side-fall to cover narrow areas.
  • Optional Built-in LED Lights

Product Description

A Grande Scale

Covered Grande is an extremely robust, heavy duty, yet understated model. The Grande is our upscaled model and was designed for large areas. Restaurants, cafes, hotels and residential alfresco areas have benefitted from its massive projection potential without the need for additional posts. It has a built-in extruded structural gutter to collect and disperse rainwater via the integrated posts. The system can be installed in many different ways and scenarios, either on an aluminum beam and columns (Grande Uniq)  or between two walls (Grande Mezzo). The rafters are made from extruded 190mm x 90mm with columns/posts being 130mm x 130mm making the maximum size of this system using one piece of fabric 13 metres in width and 10 metres projection.

Architectural Backing

Behind the Grande’s impressive ability to project up to 10m is the even more apparent demand for dynamic structures in today’s hospitality industry and beyond. Since the appearance of the Grande, it has proved itself as a global success – as the retractable roof system of choice amongst Architects and structural engineers for its ability to out-perform its competitors for coverage and performance. Get in touch with us to learn more about why Architects love specifying the Grande retractable roof system over the more traditional, restrictive and often static architectural umbrellas or sails.

Essentials for Hospitality

Side in-fill panels (or triangular infill) help create further improvements to the enclosed space for the occupant. Infills create a divide that further decreases exposure to the elements and can be made from a matching or differently performing fabric to suit any project. Adding triangular-infills introduce a horizontally mounted aluminium beam that aids the addition of perimeter blinds to fully enclose the space. This can be done with many different Fabrics or Awning System Types to achieve the desired result. Perimeter blinds with an open weave mesh will hinder insects, mosquitos and flies from entering, while allowing a free-flow of air – or select from hundreds of quality mesh types and colours to block out light, add privacy or gain greater control over the sun or rain. Read more about alfresco blinds here.

Water-proof membrane

The Fabric membrane of the roof system is of prime importance, as it provides both control over the wind, rain & most importantly the sun. Therefore, Covered only allow the best fabrics to be selected so we can guarantee the longevity, look and performance against all of these elements. Being 100% water-proof and made with invisible welds, the fabric membrane will carry any amount of water towards the guttering without fail.

LED effects

With the addition of integrated LED lighting systems, you can remotely control your lighting system. Shift with the seasons and make your space dark and cozy feel or dial it up to maximum – all via your handheld remote or via WiFi driven app. Prepare to be impressed by the level of control and how effortlessly you can modify the ambiance by electing for the built-in LED system. Get in touch via the button below to see for yourself or call into one of our many showrooms.

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