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S2000 Pivot Arm Awning

Key Points:

  • Incredibly effective at protecting windows from extreme heat and cold
  • Flexible design that works virtually anywhere
  • Operate via: cord, gearbox crank, tape winch, 240v motor or Solar powered motor
  • Sizes from 500mm to 4500mm wide
  • Maximum Projection /drop of 2550mm
  • Affordable, long-lasting and effective shade

Product Description

Simple Yet Effective

The S2000 Pivot Arm Awning is a simple but incredibly effective way to block out heat and control indoor light. The S2000 (System 2000) Pivot Arm has the flexibility for the easiest and best installation on to weatherboard and clad homes. This awning uses the ‘S2000’ style headbox (hooding) which allows selection from a vast range of standard colours. 

Like the S2000 Automatic, this awning has genuinely stood the test of time – remaining simple, reliable and incredibly functional.

How does a pivoting arm awning operate?

Easily the most flexible awning on the market with regards to the operation type. You can operate your S2000 Pivot Arm Awning using any the following mechanisms:

  • Internal Tape Winch
  • Internal Tape with Tape-lock
  • Motorised via remote control or internal wall switch (or via your connected smart home via App/Google Home/Alexa/Voice)
  • Solar Powered Motor Via remote
  • Outdoor Crank Handle Operation
  • External Cord & Tie-off
  • Heavy-duty outdoor Cord & Winch Box 
  • Other options for control include; timer, wind sensor, sun sensor, WiFi/3G/4G Controller

The many types of operation available allow installation on first, second or even over third-storey windows. Installing a pivot arm awning higher than a two-storey dwelling requires site-specific assessment. Contact your nearest Covered dealer today, to get expert advice and recommendations. 

Size Does Not Always Matter

Size is important, but when able to get the same results for less money, most people sit up and listen. The S2000 Pivot Arm awning will provide the same level of shading and cooling of its larger and sturdier relatives – like the Heavy Duty Robusta Pivot Arm Awning. With a slightly lower level of resilience against wind and a maximum warrantable width of 4200mm. 

As a rule, all pivot arm awnings’ can project by half of the ‘drop’ of the awning. For example, take a window that is 1800mm high will have 900mm arms. As a result, when the awning is half-way down, the arms will project away from the window by ~900mm. With arms at 90º to the walls, the S2000 Pivot Arm Awning allows for a generous flow of air into open windows and prevents heat build-up between the material and your home. Compare this to a straight drop awning that sits close to the window. 

A straight drop awning does not allow for the recirculation and cooling of air like a pivot arm. As a result, the S2000 Pivot Arm awning is far more effective than a regular external straight drop awning. In summary, when mounted over a window, pivot arm awnings provide a higher level of heat defence compared to a straight drop awning.

The spring-loaded arms keep the awning under constant tension and help maintain a taught, neat look for your material over its lifetime. They will allow for mild to moderately-windy conditions, but if you are located in a high-wind area, please discuss the suitability of the S2000 over a Robusta Pivot arm awning with your Covered sales assistant.

What’s the Difference Between The S2000 Hood and Traditional Hooding Design?

Traditional Hood Design
  • They are made from a single roll-formed Colourbond® steel with matching folded steel endplates.
  • Only has two fixing locations, at either end.
  • Open from the rear so you can see the fabric rolled up on the top tube when looking out of your window.
  • Additional fixing methods available only for arms.
S2000 Headbox Design
  • Hood comprises of a two-part Colourbond® Steel design with rust-proof plastic end caps.
  • It is close-in from the rear so you can’t see the fabric rolled up on the top tube when looking out of your window.
  • Allows installation at any location, not just at the ends of the hood (like the traditional hood).
  • Additional fixing methods available for headbox and arms.

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