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Solina Pro

Key Points:
  • Up to 7m wide as a single awning or up to 12m wide as a joined awning.
  • Up to 4m projection
  • Adjust between 5º and 40º pitch.
  • German engineered and designed to last while looking great!
  • 5 year warranty on awning, motor and fabric!

Product Description

Shade your home like a ‘Pro’ (without the cost)

The Solina Pro Folding Arm Awning – Australian Made Quality. The Solina Pro Folding Arm Awning opens the door to reliably shading your home in style and for the best price. Everyone aims to find quality with value for every addition for their home. The Solina Pro is precisely where these two points meet. Using German design and engineering and with the mindset of “Quality above all else” the Solina Pro performs at the same level as awnings for 3, 4 or 5 times the cost! It would be best if you remembered that this is an Open-Style Folding Arm Awning. “Open-Style” means that the awning fabric is exposed from all directions when open or closed.

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Savings, Savings and More Savings.

The Solina Pro Folding Arm Awning with Australian Made Quality is a practical solution for creating continuous shade and protection from glare the sun’s harmful UV rays. You will save money on cooling bills by adding any shade to your home. You will save more money by adding a durable & reliable awning so you can use it much more than a cheaper one. Save even more money by choosing to go without the protective hood. The hood is not a standard option, and this saves money when not added. Protect and prolonge the life of your Folding Arm Awning with a hood remembering; a hood is not always requiredWhen installed below eaves or when top fixed into a structure, a hood is not necessary to protect the retracted awning from the elements.

As the sun sets…

The best function of Folding Arm Awnings or Retractable Roof System is “…as the sun sets you can enjoy the shade from your awning during the heat. Then after the sun goes down, you can enjoy the sunset, sky and the stars above.”

What to expect from your Solina Folding Arm Awning

German Engineering guarantees unparalleled technical strength in combination with a compact and stylish design. You can expect reliable, day-to-day use of your awning to provide shade and cool your home or restaurant during the hotter months. If you have the height or space available, you can increase the angle your Folding Arm Awning. This may allow unexpected rainfall to roll off the front rail of the awning and save it from capturing the rain and being damaged or destroyed. The design of a Folding Arm Awnings is not to retain or protect you from rain. They can be useful, however, to allow your awning to avoid unexpected rain from ruining your party or gathering. Add a pitch of 15º or more to help drive off rain while you pack up your things and return indoors.

If intended and used for rain protection, your awnings’ warranty may become void if you have any water-related damage or wear. The Covered Group recommend the installation of a Retractable Roof System from our range to protect you and your outdoor space from rain as well as sun and wind.

How big can a Folding Arm Awning awning be?

The unique design of the Solina Pro allows for widths up to 7000mm (7 metres) in a single Folding Arm Awning and up to 12000m (12 metres) as a single-joined awning. and 4000mm (4 metres) in projection making the Solina ideal for covering larger areas. (some exceptions to size and widths apply)

The general rules in Folding Arm Awning are as follows:
  • The projection of the awning needs to be at least 500mm (0.5 metres) shorter than the width of the awning. The Solina Pro allows for cross-over arms to get around this standard.
  • All Folding Arm Awnings need at least 2 arms to operate and any Awning beyond 6000mm (6 metres) wide, needs to have 3 or more arms and must be motorised.
  • Most Folding Arm awnings can be set at  to 30º in pitch. Some allow an angle of adjustment to 45º or even 50º from horizontal.
So as a quick example:

If you want an awning that is 4m wide, you can only have a projection of 3.5m (unless you choose the cross-over arm option).

You can have a 7m wide and 4m projecting Folding Arm Awning.

Where can I install the Solina Pro at my home?

A good question to ask a shade professional, but feel free to send pictures with your request to your local Covered Group Agent. Read more below to learn more about where you can install a Folding Arm Awning.

how to install a folding arm awning into eaves australia cross section illustration

A cross section illustration showing how to install a folding arm awning into eaves in Australia

General places to install a Folding Arm Awning:
  • Through a facia sheet and into rafters. (Rafters need to be at least 2.0m longer than your projection)
  • Onto a brick wall. (This requires at least 6 courses of bricks above the top-most point of where the awning will go, and bricks must not be brittle)
  • Roof-mounted through tiles. (Requires a beam and is an expensive option but gives added height)
  • Roof-mounted onto Corrugated steel (colourbond Roof). (Requires a beam and is a costly option but gives added height)
  • Face fixing into concrete. (The most robust option possible but requires a reinforced slab of at least 75mm thickness)
  • Top fix through Eaves into rafters. (Removes the need for a hood and may lower your available head clearance)
  • Face fixing onto a patio structure or wooden frame.


Additional Installation Information

Generally, you can install the Solina Pro awning almost anywhere – depending on the projection required. Designed utilising a heavy-duty torque bar the awning installs easily to walls, posts, patios, brick, concrete or any custom application. This instruction comes with a caveat of the structures’ ability to cope with the mechanical strain imposed by the awning.

For example, a Folding Arm Awning with a projection of 2.0m will impose a small load on its fixings. In contrast, a 4.0m projection will impose more than double that of the 2.0m awning.

Winds will pick up and they will blow your awning around. There must be an evaluation and an allowance for wind. Allowance for wind-load in the fixing material, fixtures, size, aspect and exposure to the elements is critical. It is best to leave understanding the wind to your Covered Group expert.

So, understanding cantilevered and shear forces and your structures’ strength is required when knowing if you can or can’t install a Folding Arm Awning at your desired location. If this seems too involved or confusing, that’s fine – we don’t expect our customers to understand shade, that is our job. We will briefly cover this with an upcoming news article but for now, we recommend you contact your local covered representative.


Covered, the experts in shade installation.


Covered Group uses marine grade stainless steel is used on all exposed components. All additional parts and our optional hood profile is from extruded from ‘6061 Structural-Grade’ Aluminium. We make our awning skins using world-class quality solution-dyed acrylic fabrics that come with a 5 or 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. Please see your limited warranty from your covered agent when purchasing your covered awning as warranties depend on options selected.


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